Inici » The mayoress of Solsona denies that the plot for the future health center has been acquired

The mayoress of Solsona denies that the plot for the future health center has been acquired

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Judit Gisbert (ERC) says that the project is still in the planning phase and that the Solsonès County Council must move the first file

The mayor of Solsona, Judit Gisbert, denied yesterday at the municipal meeting that no plot has been bought to build the city’s new health center, as the Junts i Treballem groups demanded more transparency by Solsona Gisbert explained that the local government will make an assessment when the Solsonès Regional Council presents the final project for the new equipment. The leader of the CUP, Pilar Viladrich, recalled that the Council approved a file for the direct purchase of the land, but that it did not materialize.

A necessary urban change

Gisbert pointed out that the Solsona City Council has not received any request for modification of the partial plan or any other type, an essential requirement if you want to use the land that the Council had pledged. However, he acknowledged that the Council requested a report from the municipal technical services to find out the conditions of the Ca l’Alemà site. The mayoress said that the land “is not urban land, but it can be developed”, and that the Council is informed of the characteristics of the plot.

The CUP monitors legality

Viladrich, who is part of the municipal government, warned that since his formation he will ensure that the process is carried out with all legality. In fact, when the proposal for the purchase of the lot was processed, the cupaires detected that the justifications and technical reports required by the regulations were missing. For this reason, they went to the Antifraud Office of Catalonia, which concluded that there were indications that the file was not properly prepared.

The opposition asks for more information

The spokesman for Junts per Solsona, Elis Colell, criticized the statements of the Councilor for Urban Planning, Joan Parcerisa, who stated that the City Council had no formal record of the project’s processing. Colell assured that the council “does know about it”, even if it was “informally”. Marc Barbens, from Treballem por Solsona, regretted that the information on this matter “is being given drop by drop” and asked for more clarity. He also said that the local government needs to know about the new health center project because “the mayor met with the Council to talk about it” and “a report was requested” about it. According to Barbens, this project is of great relevance, since it will “transform Solsona”, and it cannot go ahead “without the final approval of the City Council”.

The Council meets with Health

Sources from the Solsonès Regional Council reported that they are currently in the process of meeting with representatives of the Department of Health to properly consider the project for the new health center in Solsonès. Also, they are studying all the documentation regarding the acquisition of the land.

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