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The Realism of the Season Finale at the Reale Arena

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A Season of Ups and Downs

The closing of the season at the Reale Arena has confirmed what many expected. Although the hope of reaching European positions was present, the reality of the team prevailed. Although the initial expectations were high, the truth is that the team’s performance was not enough to aspire to more.

It’s tempting to reflect on mistakes made in key games, such as against Alavés and Rayo at home, or on occasions when the team fell short. However, could we really expect more? It is fair to question whether the team’s absence in Europe is due to its own failures or the decisions of others. Blaming internal management exclusively would be unfair to Peter Lim, whose current knowledge of Valencia’s situation in San Sebastian is uncertain.

Abysmal Differences

An obvious contrast is observed when comparing Kubo’s skill in each action with the reality of Valencia, whose squad configuration cannot match the virtuosity of the Japanese player. This discrepancy is not a criticism of the young players, who do what they can. It is rather a confirmation that, in the future, with more experience in the First Division, they could achieve performances like yesterday’s.

Meanwhile, Real Sociedad celebrates its fifth consecutive year in Europe, and still must ensure its participation in the Europa League in the coming days. In contrast, at Valencia, the continued absence of European achievements is so discouraging that it is assumed that the next season, 24/25, will also conclude without a presence in Europe. All this, without yet knowing the panorama of the transfer market.


The close of the season at the Reale Arena has been revealing. Although initial expectations were high, the team’s reality has shown that reaching European positions was an unattainable goal. The gap between Valencia’s performance and the success of other teams is evident, and uncertainty over the club’s future looms ahead of the imminent season without European competitions.

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