Inici » They dodge the fine by hiding the moped after an accident in Palafrugell

They dodge the fine by hiding the moped after an accident in Palafrugell

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The Local Police come across a strange scene when attending a traffic accident

The Local Police of Palafrugell experienced an unusual situation this morning when they came to the rescue of a traffic accident. A citizen alerted the police force at around half past five in the morning that two individuals riding a moped had crashed when they were going along Calle de Barris i Buixó. Both were thrown from the vehicle and slipped.

When the patrol arrived, they found two men walking, one of them was limping and had injuries. When questioned, the two involved denied to the police that they had suffered a road accident. They explained to them that they were walking and that one of them had been injured because he had fallen into a sewer, according to police sources.

One of the injured has a possible fracture and is taken to hospital

The agents, seeing the seriousness of the injuries of one of them, requested an ambulance from the EMS and the paramedics treated him. He was then evacuated in an ambulance to Palamós Hospital with minor injuries.

The police, since they didn’t believe what the two victims were telling them, searched the area and found the alleged damaged moped on the ground. This one still had a hot engine and was in a corner of the same street and a short distance from where the events had taken place. Before the discovery, they checked the vehicle’s data and found that it had neither insurance nor a valid MOT.

The Local Police are investigating who was driving the moped and will fine him

The Local Police are still investigating this event and need to take some statements and make more inquiries to also clarify which of the two was driving the moped. What they are quite clear, however, is that the two individuals have tried to avoid the fine that comes with not having the correct moped papers. The driver will end up penalized when this can be demonstrated due to the deficiencies in the vehicle’s papers.

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