Inici » Valeria Ros presents ‘Sex, celebrities and rag dolls’, the new comedy show on Atresplayer

Valeria Ros presents ‘Sex, celebrities and rag dolls’, the new comedy show on Atresplayer

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Valeria Ros, the new star of Atresmedia

Atresmedia has awarded Valeria Ros with a new project after hosting the latest Neox events. The talented comedian and collaborator of ‘Zapeando’ will assume the role of presenter in ‘Sex, celebrities and rag dolls’, the innovative Atresplayer program whose first two episodes will be released next Sunday, February 11.

A cast of prominent figures

Fernando Romay and Samantha Hudson will star in the first two episodes, while Edu Soto, Henar Álvarez, Estrella Xtravaganza, Ricky Merino, Victoria Martín, El Sevilla and Gakian will join in later episodes as celebrity guests. Everyone will participate in this original reading club directed by Valeria Ros.

A unique proposal

The program, produced by Cuarzo (‘The Island of Temptations’, ‘Falso Amor’), innovates by allowing the guests themselves to be the narrators of erotic stories created by their followers, using rag dolls as protagonists. Valeria Ros will be in charge of creating a comfortable, fun and spontaneous environment, meeting the expectations of a show that promises guaranteed entertainment with its combination of sex, celebrities and rag dolls.

Open conversations

Guests will openly share their intimate experiences, promoting frank and uninhibited conversation about their sexual lives, challenging taboos. The program will offer naturalness, laughter, revealed secrets and funny anecdotes to build a new and attractive format.

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