Inici » Valeria Ros presents “Sex, Famosos i Ninos de Drap”, the new humor program of Atresplayer

Valeria Ros presents “Sex, Famosos i Ninos de Drap”, the new humor program of Atresplayer

un grupo de mujeres sosteniendo un cartel con una cara y un personaje de dibujos animados detrás de ellas con una gran sonrisa, A.D.M. Cooper, imagen promocional, un cartel, superplano.

Atresmedia awards Valeria Ros with an innovative format

The comedian and collaborator of ‘Zapeando’, Valeria Ros, will be the presenter of the program ‘Sex, Famosos i Ninos de Drap’. This new television proposal from Atresplayer promises guaranteed entertainment.

Fernando Romay and Samantha Hudson will be the first guests

For the first two installments, the program will have the participation of Fernando Romay and Samantha Hudson. These two renowned characters will join the book club chaired by Valeria Ros in episodes full of surprises.

An original production of Quartz

With the endorsement of Cuarzo (‘La illa de les temptations’, ‘False love’), ‘Sex, Famosos i Ninos de Drap’ offers a unique experience where celebrities will read erotic stories created by their fans. In this new format, the stories will come to life with rag dolls, offering a fresh and original point to the program.

A comfortable and fun atmosphere

Valeria Ros will be the host of this space of conversation free of prejudice. With her friendliness and spontaneity, she will create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for guests to feel comfortable talking openly about their sex lives and sharing funny anecdotes. The show promises moments of laughter and surprising revelations.

A space without taboos

In ‘Sex, Famosos i Ninos de Drap’, the celebrities will leave the taboos and talk with complete naturalness about their intimacy. It will be an opportunity to discover his most spicy and unknown side, leaving behind inhibitions and opening up sincerely in front of the cameras. The show offers authenticity and fun without limits.

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