Inici » Find Lévame in the Huerto: a unique assinary experience

Find Lévame in the Huerto: a unique assinary experience


A waving and Saborosa setting

After Christmas parties, the body and pocket claim a rest, but there’s always good options in finding places where food is trying to do a little diet, that dishes are tastey, and we don’t get any more ruin, and that’s why this month we’re going to dedicate some articles to recommend a healthy kitchen, taste and also take care of our budget.

A Capital Racó that Convides the Retrobament

We’re going to start with Lévame in the Huerto, a small corner in the capital that continues to grow day to day. At the head he finds his home owner and mater soul, Christy Arategaga, who also shares a lot of recipes in his Instagram, @cribs_adbleable. His self-designable obsession, is to be able to prove the Luvame in the Huerto that can be eaten in a manner of flexory, and fruit but providing a touch of animal protein, meat and fish) as healthy but also very tasty.

A different and Seductoric Proposta · Global Voices

With an idea letter to share even though you can visit individually, don’t stop testing your mango organic gas from Mogán or a very special salad, ‘An Estative in Sanxencho’ with ice cream and alfàbrega cheese, which can also be done with coconut ice cream, and unless nutrients. Green is the heart of Clris and in this dish is spotless.

Delevers for All Palettes

There’s a part of the letter that Cris called “Orgasmical,” and I can tell you that he can do it without any shame because Stak Tar Quelet in the Huerto (in homage to his intimate friend Jennise Ferrari, a proprietor and cook of the Whatlet) comes along with the same, Delicosa and Pirartza, among the best 4 Strikesttar from the entire town and almost say that all the island.

And that’s where Cris fucks off his sleeve his special way of making ceviches, both of the fish in which he uses his tongue as a vegetable that comes with the acatat and the main ingredient that I have noted as a to-do to prove it.

If I told them about the late tartar, don’t think it’s the only one, because both thefin and salmon also have their own space under Tartar, variant of the conjunctions between each other and always highlight the taste of the main ingredient, the sea.

‘Hertito’s passages are others of these delicate ones that should be encouraged to test, some of them can be without gluten, others, but all of them highlighted about gnocchities in the woods.

A complete Culinary experence

And to finish the salt part of what she calls “Extoxtic Fusion,” I would call it as much fun as Pad Latin-Tin-Thai with August, evtos, crispy peanuts, coconut milk and tagara that would ask him for a wet or Alberginies of the grandmother Marimén, who with his name already indicates it all here, that he travels to the roots of the Colombian kitchen always through the vision of a young cook who always has a place in his heart for that little girl’s soul to keep up for life.

I could arrest him too in his delicious pies and desserts, every pot and no ordinary sugar or fartines, the homplia offer of coffee and tea, the refreshs of the Hunert or his Mojitos Say helloable, but I think that’s better than getting to his table and discover them for themselves.

A bet for All Palettes

So you know, if you’re looking for a place where all those comens can find your plate, that they’re all good, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, and much at a price, to share from 2530 forward until you want to spend it, Lévam al Huerto is a secure opportunity. For booking information and you can visit their Instagram, @almellerto, but I warn them that they’re best hungry, warn you’re not a traitor.

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