Inici » Suicide of a teenage girl because of fake nudes spread by her peers

Suicide of a teenage girl because of fake nudes spread by her peers


A tragedy that could have been avoided

A 14-year-old girl took her own life after a group of boys in her class spread fake pictures of her naked. Mia Janin was a student at the Free Jewish School in Kenton (London) when her body was found in her home in Harrow in March 2021.

Her father, Mariano Janin, reported that his daughter was the victim of online harassment. One of the boys who testified before the judge explained that the boys’ group chat was used to share fake pictures of naked school girls.

According to the witness, the boys “photoshopped the girls’ faces onto the bodies of pornographic actresses.” Another boy added that Mia received a lot of negative reviews from other students on a TikTok video.

A change of school that did not come in time

Mia also asked her parents if she could change schools, and her mother, Marisa, told her that she could be homeschooled for the rest of the year. But this solution did not prevent the fatal outcome. After retiring to sleep, Mia took her own life hours later.

Coroner Tony Murphy said there was no evidence images or videos involving Mia had been shared in the group chat, other than on TikTok.

Intercepted emails reveal that school officials did not learn about the group chat until after Mia’s death. However, Lily Lewis, Mia’s brother’s lawyer, said a Snapchat group was “very well known”.

The investigation remains open

Right now, the investigation continues to clarify the circumstances of Mia’s suicide and the possible responsibilities of her colleagues. This case has shocked society and highlighted the need to prevent and combat online harassment.

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