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Simulated bullfighting for children approved in Valencia

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Approval of simulated bullfighting for children in Valencia

The Ciutat Vella District Council of Valencia City Council has approved, with the votes of the PP and Vox, the organisation of simulated bull runs for children. The proposal was presented by the vice-president of the Generalitat and Vox’s Minister of Culture, Vicente Barrera, who was previously a bullfighter. This initiative has generated controversy, especially among the opposition groups, Compromís and PSPV.

Opposition reactions

The socialist municipal spokesperson, Borja Sanjuán, has expressed his regret at the approval of the simulated bullfights, describing them as a way of promoting the culture of torture among children. For his part, Giuseppe Gressi, councilor for Compromiso, has denounced that the PP has broken its promises to the residents by supporting this proposal.

Response from Mayor Catalá

Mayor María José Catalá has minimized the controversy, highlighting that it is a simulation and that there is no danger to children. Furthermore, she has pointed out that the activity does not involve the presence of real bulls. The estimated date for these events to take place is a Saturday morning in July, with an expected cost of 200 euros.

Complaint to the Ombudsman for Minors

Both the PSPV and Compromiso have announced that they will take the case to the Ombudsman for Minors. Both groups have expressed their intention to challenge this activity, considering it an act of indoctrinating children to animal torture.

Bullfighting project of the PP-Vox governments

The promotion of bullfighting is not limited to Valencia, but is also a line of action of the popular governments that have the support of Vox. This approach has also been reflected in other regions, such as the Balearic Islands, where it has been approved to allow the entry of minors to bullfights, in response to Vox’s demands.

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