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Coexistence and Regulations: A Deep Reflection

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The Importance of Rules Today

Recently, as FC Barcelona prepared to face a trip to an Arab country for a crucial match, a crucial warning was issued to their supporters and supporters. This grandfather urged to maintain exemplary behavior, underlining the need to follow some specific rules, such as avoiding affectionate displays in the public sphere, after the long-awaited victory.

The thoroughness of these regulations can seem surprising, reminding us of the ways in which other species mark their territory. Although regulations on behavior in public often tend to relax, this situation highlights the persistence of the concept of ‘norm’.

The Basics of Human Coexistence

The central core of human coexistence resides in the establishment of bases, rules, permissions, recommendations and other elements that form part of the social fabric. Each society has contributed to putting some order in its house, while debating duties and rights, a process that is constantly evolving.

A Look at the Past: Moral and Good Parenting Rules

In 1915, in Barcelona, ​​the book ‘Regles morals i de bona criança’, by Josep Pin i Soler, was published. This book was hailed as ‘genuinely useful’ and emphasizes details such as decent behavior and personal hygiene, even suggesting how to wash properly.

Later, in 1927, the ‘Cartilla moderna d’urbanidad’ of the Marist Brothers, written by Fr Théophane Durand, introduced rules with some rigidity, including advice on handling toys with caution.

Regulations and Power in the 19th century

In the 19th century, the historical bourgeoisie imposed rules as an inflexible ritual. In Barcelona, ​​Mr. Baró de Terrades dictated rules, especially among subscribers to the Gran Teatre del Liceu, turning urbanity into a sign of power.

Today, defiance of norms can be interpreted as an act of nervousness, reminiscent of the era ‘forbidden to prohibit’. It is crucial to distinguish between necessary norms and those imposed to mark authority and class.

Conclusion: Beyond the Regulations

Barça’s crushing loss in that match raises the question of whether they should have provided more guidance on fan behavior off the pitch, beyond the strict rules of the game. Perhaps a reminder of how to go home with your head held high and your voice subdued would have been as important as the outcome of the match.

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