Inici » Crisis in Barça: Laporta disappointed with Xavi

Crisis in Barça: Laporta disappointed with Xavi

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The danger that stalks Xavi

Xavi is in a compromised situation, since, despite having seduced Joan Laporta just 25 days ago, his position as Barça coach is in serious danger. The influence of Alejandro Echevarría, who has no position in the club but exercises great influence over the president, has contributed to this situation.

The lack of titles and the deterioration of the team’s play have led Laporta to feel disappointed with Xavi’s conformist attitude, which has put the coach on the brink of dismissal, despite having one more year on his contract.

Xavi’s change of attitude

Xavi’s contradictory attitude has unnerved the president, since, despite having privately expressed his energy to improve the team’s performance, in a press conference prior to the duel with Almería, the coach expressed that Barça would not be able to compete financially with Madrid and other big European clubs.

This contradiction has deeply disappointed the club’s leadership, which has led Laporta to make the decision to dispense with Xavi as coach.

Lack of comunication

Xavi has tried to have a face-to-face conversation with Laporta to clarify the situation, but the president has avoided this possibility, taking refuge in a telephone conversation. This lack of communication has left Xavi surprised and in a delicate situation.

Despite this, Xavi has expressed his desire to continue leading the team, stating that he is excited and eager to compete and win titles with Barça.

The economic aspect

The economic situation also plays an important role, since in January Xavi announced his departure and gave up one year of his contract. However, if he is dismissed, Barça would have to assume the cost of his contract and that of his technical team, which would be a significant expense for the club.

The influence of Alejandro Echevarría

Alejandro Echevarría has had a determining role in Xavi’s arrival at Barça, and his influence continues to be relevant in the relationship between the president and the coach. His intervention has been crucial in several key moments, which demonstrates his weight in decision-making.

The role of Deco

The sports director, Deco, remains silent in the midst of this crisis, despite the fact that his role should be fundamental in the choice of the coach. The absence of statements from him and his current location in Portugal add uncertainty to the situation, pending his return and his possible intervention in the resolution of this conflict.

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