Inici » Discover the Women’s Cycling Tour of Catalonia: An Extraordinary Sports Experience

Discover the Women’s Cycling Tour of Catalonia: An Extraordinary Sports Experience

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A Memorable First Edition

“We couldn’t have imagined a better first Tour”, says Patrícia Ortega, the sports manager of the Women’s Cycling Tour of Catalonia. According to her, “everyone has evaluated her positively” and “I couldn’t be happier” with the result of this premiere of the Catalan round as a three-day test with UCI category 2.1. **The transition from the reVolta, a one-day race, to a three-day Volta “has been spectacular”, says Ortega, visibly excited.

Growth and Consolidation

Ortega and the director of the Volta, Rubèn Peris, have declared themselves in favor of growing “little by little”. **”First, we have to consolidate it. Later, you’ll see,”** says Peris. In this process of “assimilating” the success of the first edition, it is also necessary to assess the growth that the competition can have in the future.

Acknowledgment and Acknowledgment

The sports director expresses her **thanks to the public, the cyclists, the volunteers, the media and everyone who has made possible a first edition that will remain forever in our memories**. Patrícia Ortega highlights the **large crowd that was present at all stages**, both at the departures and arrivals, and along the route. “It was a great show with a lot of people who didn’t want to miss such a special day for women’s sport.”

A professional ex-cyclist at the forefront

Patrícia Ortega (Vallirana, 1975) is an **ex-professional cyclist** who has competed in several categories, including elite and continental. Currently, he also competes in the gravel specialty. Ortega **needs not to say that he enjoyed the performance of the Catalan cyclists very much**, even though “**I was envious at times because of the emotion I felt seeing how they strived until to leave nothing to each other and how they fought every kilometer**”, he acknowledges.

Challenges and Differences

There was **some fear at the start that the demanding out-of-control entry times would decimate the rider** given the disparity between the riders of the seven UCI WorldTour category teams and those of the ten Continental category teams ( the second) and the three national teams. Of the 122 registered cyclists, 90 crossed the finish line in Barcelona, ​​with a total of 32 abandonments throughout the three stages.

These **differences, caused by the years of delay brought by women’s cycling**, means that, when designing the stages, one must be careful with the requirement that one part of the rider can take on, but another no.

A Luxury Podium

Despite the challenges, the organization values ​​**”the luxury podium” with which the Tour ended**, in the words of Rubèn Peris, with Marianne Vos as the final winner, with a stage triumph and two second places , his partner at Visma Riejanne Markus and Katrine Aalerud, from Uno X-Mobility.

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