Inici » Ducati’s Dilemma with Pecco Bagnaia’s New Partner

Ducati’s Dilemma with Pecco Bagnaia’s New Partner

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The Future of Marc Márquez at Ducati

The eternal debate surrounding Pecco Bagnaia’s Ducati partner was not as simple as it was thought. Although it was a true ordeal for the pilots involved, the outcome resulted in Marc Márquez signing a multi-year contract with the Borgo Panigale team, extending his relationship until 2026. This event occurred after the ‘threat’ of ’93’, who, aware of his influence and power in the paddock, played his cards strategically, stating that he would not leave Gresini for the Pramac team. This statement set off alarm bells among the directors of the Bolognese firm.

The Intention of Ducati and the Influence of Marc Márquez

Ducati’s true intention was to keep both Jorge Martín and Marc Márquez under its command. The initial idea was to have Martín in the official team and Márquez in the Pramac team. However, the statements of the pilot from Ilerda changed the course of events, forcing Ducati managers to dispense with the pre-agreement with Martín and allowing him to sign for Aprilia, while Márquez joined the red team. This situation revealed Márquez’s influence and negotiating power in the world of MotoGP.

Jorge Lorenzo’s Opinion on the Situation

Jorge Lorenzo, an authoritative voice in the world of MotoGP and with deep knowledge of Ducati, expressed his opinion on the arrival of Marc Márquez to the team. According to Lorenzo, Pecco Bagnaia is upset with the incorporation of Márquez to the red team, since he recognizes that the presence of the eight-time world champion diminishes his chances of standing out on the grid. These statements reflect Bagnaia’s concern about the arrival of a fast and competitive driver like Márquez.

Analysis of Ducati’s Decision

Lorenzo also analysed Ducati’s final decision, highlighting the influence of results on it. According to him, if Jorge Martin had performed outstandingly, he would probably have been in the official team instead of Marquez. However, the pressure exerted by Marquez by expressing his preference for the red team instead of Pramac led Ducati to secure his incorporation. This situation highlighted the influence of results on the final decisions of the teams.

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