Inici » Impact of Drugs on Crime in 2023 in Girona

Impact of Drugs on Crime in 2023 in Girona

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Homicides and the Connection With the World of Illicit Substances

The criminal balance of 2023 in Girona shows us seven cases that have left a dark mark. Contrary to the previous year, with nine fatalities, seven crimes have occurred this year, two of which still remain to be solved. What stands out is the obvious connection between a significant percentage of these homicides and the world of drug trafficking.

In three of the cases, death was caused by a knife, while in two cases, fire was the protagonist. Men and women have been affected by this wave of violence, with five men and two women among the victims.

Marijuana as a Risky Element

There have been three crimes associated with drug trafficking this year. The first, in Riudarenes, remained hidden until May, when the arrest of the alleged perpetrator was revealed. The victim, a 29-year-old man, disappeared on March 4, and his connection to a marijuana plantation was the trigger. A search of his residence revealed signs of violence, and an autopsy confirmed that he had been stabbed in his sleep. The individual related to the cultivation of marijuana was arrested for murder.

The other two homicides linked to drug trafficking still remain unsolved or at least no arrests have been reported. In Cantallops, a 36-year-old man was found dead with a gunshot wound to the chest, with police believing he is connected to marijuana trafficking. On April 23, a 29-year-old Albanian man was left in cardiorespiratory arrest with a knife at the emergency entrance of the Josep Trueta hospital in Girona. His link with the world of drugs had already been detected in a previous arrest in Andalusia.

Other Crimes That Have Exasperated Girona

Beyond drug-related homicides, 2023 witnessed a parricide in Vilafant. A 22-year-old killed his father, a well-known imam in Roses, with a knife to the neck. The assailant, with a psychiatric history, was arrested and admitted to a psychiatric facility until he can testify.

Male Violence: Two Victims in a Year

Male violence left two victims last year. A 71-year-old man, who suffers from a mental illness, was the alleged perpetrator of a femicide in Palamós, with his wife as the victim. Unfortunately, his condition prevented him from testifying and he remained at large. Another case was registered in Girona, where a 27-year-old girl was raped by her 29-year-old ex-partner. The murderer was sent to provisional prison.

Tragic Hunting Error

The last event that stands out is the death of a man by a hunting bullet. On September 7, a 53-year-old hunter shot a wild boar, but the bullet hit a pedestrian who was passing by. Despite the arrests, the judge released the hunter on bail, with the legal case open for reckless homicide.

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