Inici » Revolutionizing Recycling in Sant Salvador de Guardiola: Closed Containers and Smart Technology

Revolutionizing Recycling in Sant Salvador de Guardiola: Closed Containers and Smart Technology

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A New Era in Waste Collection

Sant Salvador de Guardiola adapts to modern times and revolutionizes the way waste is collected. From March 2025, the municipality will adopt an innovative system based on closed containers, leaving behind the old collection practices.

A Decision Based on Sustainability and Efficiency

The Junt government’s decision marks a significant change from previous preferences. Contrary to the previous executive of ERC and PSC, which preferred door to door, the current government opts for closed containers for reasons of cost and practicality. According to Mayor Anna Llobet, this model will save the City Council 150,000 euros per year.

Closed Containers: Technology in the Recycling Service

Locked containers are powered by smart cards personalized for each family. This allows precise control of container use and encourages individual responsibility in recycling.

This system has already been successfully implemented in other Bages municipalities such as Sallent, Balsareny and Pont de Vilomara, consolidating itself as an effective and efficient solution.

Commitment to European Regulations

The initiative arrives just in time to comply with European regulations that stipulate a minimum recycling of 55% of municipal waste before 2025. Other municipalities in the area are also studying new options to adapt to these requirements.

The Financial Management of the Service

From 2025, the waste fee will fully cover the cost of the service, according to European guidelines. The mayor emphasizes the need to maintain a financial balance and admits that this may lead to an increase in the rate, despite the expected savings with the new containers.

Advantages of the Intelligent Model

Despite the potential financial repercussions, there are advantages to using smart card containers. The mayor emphasizes the ability to register the use of containers, allowing the application of a fair fee. Those who recycle efficiently could enjoy bonuses, while violators could be penalized.

With this step forward, Sant Salvador de Guardiola is positioning itself as a benchmark in sustainable waste management, anticipating future challenges with a solution that combines efficiency and civic responsibility.

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