Inici » Sant Andreu Salut proposes a play to talk about mourning

Sant Andreu Salut proposes a play to talk about mourning

dos mujeres sentadas en una mesa con papeles frente a ellas y una mujer de pie a su lado, Carol Bove, imagen promocional, una pintura renacentista, esteticismo

The work Incendis, by Wajdi Mouawad, will be performed in the Gothic Hall of Hospital Sant Andreu in Manresa

The Sant Andreu Salut Foundation, with the collaboration of the Manresa School of Performing Arts, has scheduled a triple performance of the play Incendis, by Wajdi Mouawad, which can be seen in the Sala Gòtica of the Hospital Sant Andreu de Manresa. This activity is part of the actions being carried out by Sant Andreu Salut to publicize its future palliative care, end-of-life and bereavement project, for which it is seeking funding.

The play is directed by Martí Salvat, and the actors are second-year students of professional theater studies at the Escola d’Arts Escèniques de Manresa. The work deals with issues such as mourning and identity through an epic and tragic story of contemporary theatre.

An opportunity to reflect on grief and loss

Incendis offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the complexity of grief and loss, topics closely linked to the new palliative care space promoted by Sant Andreu Salut. This space wants to offer comprehensive support in the most difficult moments, both for patients and their relatives.

The work can be seen in three functions: on Thursday, February 1 at 12 noon, at 2/4 of 6 in the afternoon and at 8 in the evening. The midday function is aimed at high school students from the high schools of Manresa and the region, while the afternoon functions are open to the general public. Tickets for the 8pm performance are now sold out, but tickets are still available for the 2/4 at 6 and there is also a waiting list for the evening performance.

How to book tickets and more information

To attend the performance, you can reserve tickets through this link. For more information and to attend the performance for high school students, please contact [email protected].

The palliative care project of Sant Andreu Salut

Sant Andreu Salut aims to build an innovative project in the care of palliative care, the end of life and the bereavement process. The project involves a change in the care model in palliative care in order to improve the quality of life, comfort and well-being of the person being cared for and their family.

For more information about the comprehensive care project for palliative care, end of life and bereavement and how to collaborate, you can consult this website.

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