Inici » Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva invest more than 12,000 euros in a fat reduction plan

Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva invest more than 12,000 euros in a fat reduction plan

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They visit an exclusive wellness center in Alicante

What is a macrobiota clinic, the center where Tamara Falcó ‘makes up for the excesses’ of Christmas

This super exclusive luxury clinic in Altea, designed to change eating habits, is a lost place in the world where celebrities go to suffer from hunger; based on the food of Pablo Montoro, the prestigious chef trained in the kitchens of Ferran Adrià and Martín Berasategui.

To the philosophy of Sha Wellness

Sha Wellness Clinic’s philosophy embraces the idea of ​​a holistic balance between mind, body and spirit. This approach is reflected in every detail, from the contemporary architecture to the personalized programs designed for each guest. The goal is not only weight loss, but also the promotion of healthy habits and total rejuvenation.

Altea’s surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for the wellness experience

The architectural design, by renowned architect Elvira Blanco Montenegro, combines modern elegance with natural elements, creating a serene atmosphere that invites deep relaxation.

What distinguishes this center is the meticulous attention to the individual needs of each of its guests

Personalized programs range from detoxification and weight loss to stress management and improved sleep. Innovative therapies, such as traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic treatments, are combined with cutting-edge technologies to deliver long-lasting results.

The culinary experience at Sha also goes beyond the typical fat-reduction diet

Its restaurant, run by Michelin star chef Pablo Montoro, offers dishes that are not only delicious, but also designed to nourish the body. Fresh and local ingredients are fused with principles of the macrobiotic diet, creating a unique dining experience.

Sha Wellness Clinic has been awarded with several awards

It includes the recognition as Best spa in the world in the World Spa Awards. Its clientele includes well-known personalities and prominent figures who seek not only the excellence in wellness, but also the privacy and discretion that this exclusive place offers.

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