Inici » The Elephant’s Triumphant Debut in the Catalan Chess League

The Elephant’s Triumphant Debut in the Catalan Chess League

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A New Era for Chess in Solsona

With a growing interest in the world of chess in Solsona, a new beginning has been marked this season with the formation of two teams.

The First Team: Elefant A

Elefant A, the outstanding main team, is preparing to compete in Segona Provincial de Lleida, facing rivals such as Alcoletge, Bellcaire, Guissona, and others. The initiative to bring chess to the inmates of the Ponent Penitentiary Center stands out.

The Second Team: Elefant B

Elefant B, the young team, will face the Tercera Provincial de Lleida, competing with teams such as Almenar, Andorra, Balaguer, and others. Elefant B opened the season with a break in this first round.

Summary of the First Round

In this first round, Elefant B enjoyed a break while Elefant A faced Mollerussa C, a renowned rival in the world of Catalan chess.

The matches were disputed and interesting, highlighting the strategies of the Solson players.

Outstanding Results

Joan Tordesillas scored a draw in an open game, while Lluís Massana dominated a balanced game to win.

Francesc Cercós showed skill in a game that ended with a checkmate, while Joan Manel Manzano fought in a game that ended in a draw.

Ricard Tusell faced a hard-fought game that ended in a draw, while Jaume Guixà secured a sure victory.

Next Rounds

Next week, the Elefant A and Elefant B teams will travel to face their rivals in Alcoletge and Almenar respectively, hoping to maintain their good streak.

Words of the Champion

To conclude, we recall the wise words of world champion Emanuel Lasker, who said: “My strategy is nevertheless that of a gentleman: the horses must be developed before the two bishops are set in motion.”

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