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The Wheel of Luck: A Television Attraction Contest

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An entertainment program loved by everyone

La Roulette de la Suerte is one of the most popular television programs in Spain. This contest, broadcast by Antena 3, has managed to captivate a wide audience thanks to its casual and fun tone. It is known for offering moments full of emotion and fun that have been etched in the history of the program.

A dynamic and attractive format

The Wheel of Fortune has managed to capture the attention of both children and adults due to the ease and dynamism of its format. The objective of the game is to accumulate the largest amount of money to advance to the final. Participants spin the wheel, which determines the monetary prize they can win. From there, they must guess the phrases on the panel using clues and buying vowels.

Funny and viral moments

During the broadcasts of La Roulette de la Suerte, there have been funny moments that have gone viral. Both the presenter Jorge Fernández and the collaborator Laura Moure have starred in comic situations that have made the audience laugh. These mistakes are also taken with humor, demonstrating the light-hearted atmosphere of the program.

The Jorge Fernandez incident

On one occasion, Jorge Fernández made a small mistake during the live broadcast of La Ruleta de la Suerte. While trying to communicate the money score of one of the participants, he pronounced a clue incorrectly. However, he quickly realized his mistake and apologized for the confusion. This incident shows that even professionals can make mistakes and that the show takes them with good humor.


The Roulette of Luck is a television contest that has managed to attract a wide audience in Spain. Its dynamic and fun format, full of exciting and funny moments, has conquered children and adults alike. Despite the small errors that can occur during live broadcasts, the program remains a favorite of the public. La Roulette de la Suerte is a true television success that has left its mark on the history of Spanish television.

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