Inici » Valencia CF and its presence on social networks: a look at the impact on popularity

Valencia CF and its presence on social networks: a look at the impact on popularity

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The impact of social networks in the world of football

Currently, social networks play a crucial role in the market expansion and influence of companies, including football clubs. The increase in the number of followers and views on platforms such as X, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok translates into million-dollar income through commercial and sponsorship agreements.

Valencia CF is among the 100 clubs in the world with the greatest following on the predominant social networks in the West, with a total of 13.6 million followers. Despite occupying 46th position in the ranking, a more detailed analysis reveals that the disappearance of the Mestalla team from the top positions in the Spanish league and European competitions has negatively affected its social impact on the internet.

Impact of Peter Lim’s ownership on the popularity of Valencia CF

The decline experienced by Valencia CF between 2014 and 2024, especially after the dismissal of coach Marcelino, is reflected in a lower global following. The VCF brand has lost intensity both nationally and internationally due to the poor results obtained in recent years.

Despite this situation, Valencia CF remains resilient on social media, surpassing other Spanish teams in terms of followers on platforms such as X, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Valencia CF compared to other Spanish clubs

The report reveals that Valencia CF has experienced less growth compared to other Spanish clubs on social media. Although it is among the 100 most followed clubs in the world, it has been surpassed by other Spanish teams in the race for the last UEFA places.

Furthermore, at the European level, Valencia CF is below other clubs in terms of popularity on social networks, which indicates its decline in the peloton of alternative clubs capable of competing with the richest through an orderly sports policy.

Resistance in classic social networks: X and Facebook

Despite the decline in popularity on newer platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, Valencia CF maintains its position on the oldest social networks, X and Facebook. This raises the question of whether there is causality behind this resistance on older platforms and the decline on newer ones.

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