Inici » Antonio Tejado is released without bail after three months in prison

Antonio Tejado is released without bail after three months in prison

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Former television personality Antonio Tejado has been released without having to pay bail after spending three months in provisional prison.

Accused of being the intellectual author of a violent robbery at the home of his aunt, the singer María del Monte, Tejado has been the subject of accusations and criticism that has worsened his public image.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested bail of €100,000 for both Tejado and Arseny Garibyan, the alleged leader of the criminal gang.

However, the judge has decided that it is not necessary for Tejado to pay bail, which has generated surprise and has been the subject of many conversations.

Before the trial, the judge has imposed precautionary measures such as the withdrawal of Tejado’s passport, the prohibition of approaching or communicating with the victims, and the obligation to appear in court twice a month.

These measures are common in similar cases and Tejado has always maintained his innocence, requesting his release a few months ago due to the lack of evidence that would justify his preventive detention.

After three months behind bars, he has finally been proven right and has been released.

Antonio Tejado’s first words after his release

Numerous media outlets have gathered at the doors of the court to capture the first image and first words of Antonio Tejado after his imprisonment.

Their lawyer has expressed his satisfaction before the Antena 3 microphones, stating that they are happy with the judge’s decision and that it was a moment they had been waiting for for a long time.

Antonio’s mother has spoken with a talk show host from a television program and has asked for respect for her son, highlighting that at this moment the only thing he wants is to spend time with his family.

Tejado’s first action after his release was to meet with his mother and brother to enjoy a meal at a restaurant in the center of Seville.

Tejado is said to have no intention of speaking to the press and is upset by the way the issue has been treated in the media.

María del Monte and his wife, Inmaculada Casal, have neither reacted with joy nor anger to the news of Tejado’s release. They have expressed that the damage caused cannot be repaired and that they were prepared for this situation.

Now we will have to wait for the trial to know all the details and determine Antonio Tejado’s involvement in the events.

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