Inici » Discover the Mercedes model that you may not know and that is captivating more and more families

Discover the Mercedes model that you may not know and that is captivating more and more families

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Mercedes, a reference premium brand

It is well known that Mercedes is one of the best-selling premium brands, both in Spain and Europe, as well as worldwide. Being precisely a prestige brand with products that are priced significantly above the average allows Mercedes, and also other premium manufacturers, to have in their catalog models that do not need to achieve large sales figures to be profitable.

The diverse catalog of Mercedes in Spain

It is no coincidence that the Mercedes catalog is one of the widest in our country, where we can find all kinds of models. Including a perfect option for those families who, beyond having a significantly higher budget than the vast majority of families in Spain, are looking for comfort, habitability and load capacity.

The new Mercedes Class V: an option for families

This option is none other than the new Mercedes Class V, a van/minivan that has gone from being a model designed for passenger transport to being a really interesting option for families. It stands out, among other things, for being one of the best-equipped premium vans in every way.

Mercedes V Class: a top-of-the-line premium van

You only need to see the images of this model to realize that we are undoubtedly dealing with a premium model in which Mercedes has not held anything back.

Obviously, we will have to opt for the higher finishes to enjoy the latest technology from the brand, but from the simplest finish this model is positioned several steps above its generalist competitors.

Powerful mechanics and various traction options

As usual in this type of car, Mercedes has chosen to equip it only with diesel engines. In this case, you can choose between three different powers: 163, 190 and 237 horses, all of them, however, associated with an automatic transmission. Although most engines are paired with front-wheel drive, there is also an all-wheel drive option.

Prices and advantages of the Mercedes Class V

With a price range that goes from just over €74,000 to over €110,000, we are dealing with a van with premium minivan touches that is very interesting for those families who don’t want to know anything about SUVs, but need a lot habitability, a lot of comfort and a lot of cargo space.

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