Inici » Envy on Social Networks: A Portrait of Victoria Federica Marichalar

Envy on Social Networks: A Portrait of Victoria Federica Marichalar

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Envy: A Pervasive Feeling

Victoria Federica Marichalar has selected a travel companion who arouses envy. This young woman, known for her presence on social networks, seems to be surrounded by people who arouse admiration, but she also envies. Often, attempts are made to justify her criticism of her, but the reality is that envy is a feeling that accompanies her.

Influencer Vic is very envious, especially when it comes to the success of those around her, especially if they are members of the Royal Family. Despite her position in the family, she appears to be a marginalized figure, which can breed resentment. This feeling of envy became evident recently with the opening of the Royal Family’s Instagram account, a development that she seemed to deliberately ignore.

The Royal Family on Social Media

The Royal House, despite arriving late to the social media scene, finally opened an Instagram account. Although this action may seem trivial, it represents a significant step for the institution. The account has amassed more than 200,000 followers, a number that continues to grow. However, among these followers is not Victoria Federica Marichalar, which suggests a clear indifference towards the presence of the Royal House on social networks.

Although it has been stated that Victoria Federica is a fan of the contents of the Royal House, her lack of interaction with the official account reveals a distant attitude. This behavior can be interpreted as a show of disdain towards the institution to which she is linked, which has generated controversy and speculation in the media.

Final thoughts

Victoria Federica Marichalar’s behavior on social networks has generated debate and criticism. Her apparent indifference to the Royal Family’s presence on Instagram, along with other derogatory gestures, has fueled perceptions of envy and resentment. This portrait of the influencer reveals a complex dynamic in the world of social media, where interactions and omissions can have a significant impact on public perception.

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