Inici » Mercadona presents a new healthy and delicious option for the summer

Mercadona presents a new healthy and delicious option for the summer

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Mercadona, the supermarket chain that thinks about the comfort of its customers

Mercadona is a Spanish supermarket chain that constantly seeks to innovate and offer new products to its customers. On this occasion, they have launched a new ready meal that is causing a sensation among consumers.

Chicken poke, a fresh and healthy option

Within the Ready for Lunch section, Mercadona has introduced chicken poke, a healthy and perfect alternative for everyday use. This dish, originally from Hawaii, has been adapted to include chicken instead of raw fish, making it more familiar to consumers.

Fresh ingredients and delicious sauce

Mercadona’s chicken poke includes a rice base accompanied by marinated chicken, fresh vegetables such as cucumber and carrot, and a delicious sauce that gives it a special touch. In addition, it is complemented with avocado and sesame seeds, adding extra flavor and texture.

Convenience and competitive price

One of the great advantages of this prepared dish is its convenience. You don’t need to spend time in the kitchen, just open the package and enjoy. In addition, as usual at Mercadona, the price is very competitive, being accessible to all pockets. You can try this delicious chicken poke for only 5.50 euros.

A sales success

Since its launch, Mercadona’s chicken poke has been a resounding success. Customers value the quality of the ingredients and the convenience of having healthy food ready to eat. The opinions on social networks and other forums are very positive, highlighting the freshness of the ingredients and the delicious taste. This dish is a great option for a quick meal at work or to enjoy at a picnic.

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