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The best option for choosing the perfect fabada in the supermarket

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A study reveals the most prominent white label fad

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has carried out a new study to determine which is the best option of fabada that can be found in supermarkets. This study took into account several factors such as ingredients, labeling, taste and price, among others. The goal was to find a balance between flavor and nutritional quality, while also taking into account price.

Eroski’s fabada stands out as the best option

After carrying out the corresponding tests, the bean that has obtained the best results is the Asturian white brand Eroski bean. This fabada is presented in a container of 435 grams and has a price of 1.45 euros. In addition, its flavor and its high percentage of legumes, with 55%, have been highlighted.

Other options to consider

In addition to Eroski’s fabada, there are other options that also scored well in the OCU study. Alcampo’s fabada, with a 440 gram container and a price of 1.43 euros, has been placed in second place. In third place we find the fabada d’Ahorramas, which is sold for 1.45 euros.

The ranking of the best fabadas according to the OCU

According to the OCU study, these are the five best beans available in supermarkets:

1. Asturian fava beans from Eroski – Score: 75

2. Asturian fabada d’Alcampo – Score: 74

3. Asturian Fabada d’Estalvies – Score: 72

4. Carretó Asturian bean – Score: 70

5. Coastal broad beans – 30% fat and salt – Score: 70

The fabada of Carrefour, the least recommended

It is surprising that the Carrefour fabada, known as De la nostra terra, obtained the lowest score in the OCU study. In addition, this option is one of the most expensive among those analyzed.


In short, according to the OCU study, Eroski’s white brand Asturian fava beans are the best option available in supermarkets. However, there are other alternatives that have also achieved good results. It is important to consider factors such as taste, nutritional quality and price when choosing the perfect fava bean for each consumer.

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