Inici » The Clotilde Fest: an opportunity to enjoy Catalan music

The Clotilde Fest: an opportunity to enjoy Catalan music

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A unique musical proposal

The Clotilde Fest is a festival that offers the opportunity to enjoy singers and reference groups of the Catalan scene for free. In this sixth edition, the festival presents a selection of diverse and exciting musical proposals.

Some of the bands and artists that will perform at the festival are Suu, Flashy Ice Cream, Sexenni and the COCOs. Every year, Palau Robert, in collaboration with the Catalan Youth Agency and the main music stations in Catalonia, organizes this event to bring Catalan music closer to young audiences.

A renewed experience

This year’s edition of the Clotilde Fest presents a completely renewed image to captivate the younger audience. According to Eva Pomares, general director of Broadcasting of the Generalitat, the aim is to attract young people to the Palau Robert and connect the exhibition centers with this audience.

A varied program

The festival will take place during the four Wednesdays of July in the gardens of Palau Robert. Every day, different artists and groups will perform in concerts organized by the stations RAC105, Els40, Europa FM and Flaixbac.

The first concert, by singer-songwriters Suu and Alfred Garcia, will be a unique opportunity to enjoy their live performances. In addition, other artists such as Flashy Ice Cream, Lildami, Sexenni, Pelat i Pelut, DJ Bluma Beat, COCO and Figa Flawas will also offer shows that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Tickets and information

Tickets for the Clotilde Fest are now available on the Carnet Jove website. The music stations will also inform about how to get tickets for their respective concerts.

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