Inici » The complicated moment of Felipe and Letizia’s marriage

The complicated moment of Felipe and Letizia’s marriage

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A marriage in crisis

The relationship between Felipe and Letizia faces a difficult period. Jaime del Burgo’s recent statements have contributed to further deteriorating the couple’s situation. According to this lawyer’s claims, the queen would have been disloyal to the king for several years, but the reality is different.

Since its inception, the relationship between the monarchs has been more of a facade than a genuine union. At that time, the prince needed a wife to ensure succession to the throne, and it was a requirement that he have offspring. Letizia, presented as an ambitious journalist, was supposedly willing to become queen in exchange for whatever it took. They signed a confidentiality agreement that allowed them to maintain relationships with other people, as long as they kept up appearances, started a family, and met institutional obligations.

The truth revealed

Despite attempts to hide this story, the truth has come to light, leading Felipe and Letizia to stop pretending. Especially Felipe, who in recent months has completely distanced himself from Zarzuela, going out almost every weekend without the company of the queen. During these meetings, he has rekindled relationships with childhood friends, including some special friendships.

The situation has become even more tense when, during Letizia’s absence in Guatemala, Felipe has taken his friends to Zarzuela, which has upset the queen. These disagreements could jeopardize her marriage and prove her critics right, bringing her relationship to the brink of collapse.

An uncertain future

If Felipe fails to keep up appearances and simulate a happy marriage, Letizia is willing to do the same, taking her friends to Zarzuela without worrying about the possible repercussions. The king is aware that within his circle of friends there is someone more than just a friend. The revelation of infidelity could put the crown at risk, since a royal divorce would be a major scandal.

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