Inici » The conflict between Kiko Matamoros and Víctor Sandoval: a look at the controversy

The conflict between Kiko Matamoros and Víctor Sandoval: a look at the controversy

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The world of the boiling heart

The heart world is once again in a state of flux with the recent conflict between two of its most iconic figures: Kiko Matamoros and Víctor Sandoval. The journalist Marta Riesco, in a revealing interview, has shed light on this tense confrontation, confirming the existence of a veto on the popular program Ni que fuéramos. The controversy has generated a great stir, and here we explain all the details.

Kiko Matamoros and Víctor Sandoval: two television figures

Kiko Matamoros is a well-known figure in Spanish television. His participation in multiple television programs, as well as his charismatic personality, have made him a benchmark in entertainment. However, his strong character has also led him to star in numerous conflicts. The last one, with Víctor Sandoval, has captured everyone’s attention.

Víctor Sandoval, meanwhile, is another television veteran known for his direct style and unfiltered commentary. His presence on various television shows has always been synonymous with entertainment and controversy. However, his recent absence from the set of the show raised suspicions about a possible veto.

The truth about the veto to Víctor Sandoval

The disagreement between Kiko Matamoros and Víctor Sandoval took place in the program Ni que fuéramos. According to Marta Riesco, the confrontation between the two was so intense that it left lasting consequences. “This is fatal. The people who believe that these things are a circus and that they have nothing to do behind it… No. This is taken to the maximum exponent. The bad roll is impressive,” Riesco declared in a recent interview.

Since that altercation, Víctor Sandoval stopped appearing in Ni que fuéramos, which led many to wonder if he had been banned. The answer came from Marta Riesco, who confirmed the rumours. “Obviously, there is a veto,” said the journalist. However, he explained that the veto is not absolute. “It is not that there is a veto of not being able to go to the program, but he cannot go to the program if Matamoros goes there,” he clarified.

Marta Riesco also offered her perspective on the situation, noting the importance of the two contributors to the program. “For me, Kiko Matamoros is a collaborator… He’s the best. And Víctor is a laugh. It’s shit [the situation], because they’re two television animals that make you laugh, because they’re very different and they do a lot grace. But it’s true that the confrontation got a little out of hand,” explained Riesco.

The journalist also mentioned that Víctor Sandoval’s words during the conflict were particularly harsh. “It is true that Víctor’s words were very harsh and in such sensitive times, where Matamoros has been given so much cane, I believe that there are words that cannot be said so lightly. I believe that this was the Victor’s mistake. We can all be angry, but talk about ‘mistreatment’ like that…” he added.

The future of the program

Marta Riesco’s intervention has helped clarify some aspects of the conflict. However, he has also made it clear that tensions are far from resolved. The confirmation of the partial veto to Víctor Sandoval is another example of how personal dynamics can influence television content. As the show continues its journey, it will be interesting to see how this conflict plays out and what impact it will have on the future of the show.

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