Inici » The Impact of the French Elections in Europe and the Rise of the Far Right

The Impact of the French Elections in Europe and the Rise of the Far Right

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A New Political Scene in France

The recent elections in France have generated surprise and relief in the country, being compared to a sports competition. Although the Fifth Republic has been saved, there are deeper readings that deserve attention.

The most significant lesson of these elections lies in the success of a cordon sanitaire that has worked despite the lack of unanimity in all constituencies. However, the resulting coalition will be complex, and uncertainty will likely persist until after the summer.

The Rise of the Far Right

Despite the victory, the emergence of the extreme right, represented by Le Pen’s party as the most voted, followed by the New Popular Front and Together, cannot be ignored. This result raises questions about Macron’s decision and its impact on Europe.

The responsibility in the decision to withdraw and withdraw less-voted candidates in the constituencies where the left and Macron’s followers competed has been a determining factor. This scenario will transform the French presidential system into a parliamentary one, evidencing the growing presence of the extreme right at each opening of the polls.

The European Context

The impact of these elections is not limited to France, as it reflects the contradictions and challenges in other European countries. The influence of the extreme right has been observed in the United Kingdom, where the conservatives adopted an extremist discourse, leading them to the worst result for the country and the party.

These trends have also generated reflections on the role of the Popular Party (PP) and its relationship with the extreme right, as well as its position on issues such as support for Ukraine and the European order.

The Future of Europe

Recent weeks have defined the European playing field for the coming years. Despite the emergence of the extreme right, European institutions have managed to protect themselves and reissue the trio of conservatives, socialists and liberals, demonstrating the importance of leaving out the ultras in decision-making.

These elections have posed significant challenges, and the PP is faced with the task of interpreting the message and adapting to this new political scenario.

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