Inici » The Relationship Between Sofía and Paloma: A History of Humiliations and Privileges

The Relationship Between Sofía and Paloma: A History of Humiliations and Privileges

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A Past of Disagreements

The tense relationship between Sofía and Paloma has its roots in an event that marked a before and after in the history of Spanish royalty: the wedding of Felipe and Letizia. From that moment on, a series of events were unleashed that have left their mark on the royal family.

During the wedding, an incident occurred that caused controversy. According to protocol, Sofía had to accompany her son, while Juan Carlos had to enter arm in arm with her mother-in-law. However, the then king entered hand in hand with his sister’s arm, unleashing derogatory comments towards Letizia’s family. This gesture was interpreted as an affront towards Paloma Rocasolano, Letizia’s mother, and marked the beginning of a series of humiliations towards her.

The First Humiliation

The first humiliation towards Paloma Rocasolano materialized when, according to testimonies, in the Zarzuela her unionist origin and her stature were questioned, dismissing her participation in the event. This episode left a deep wound in Letizia’s family, especially in the now queen, who did not forget or forgive this act.

In addition, it was revealed that the presence of the then second wife of Letizia’s father, Jesús Ortiz, was vetoed in a clear attempt to discredit the family. These events marked a before and after in the relationship between Sofía, Paloma and the royal family.

Privileges and Discredit

Despite the humiliations, Paloma Rocasolano stood firm due to the privileges granted to her by her position as mother of the Queen of Spain. However, with the passage of time, a smear campaign has been unleashed against the monarchy, which has led to the loss of these privileges.

The origin of the benefits that Paloma has enjoyed has been questioned, raising suspicions about her financial situation. This situation has led to a rift between the royal family and Paloma Rocasolano, marking a significant change in her life.

The Change of Circumstances

Since the smear campaign began, Paloma Rocasolano has lost the privileges she previously enjoyed, while the Bourbons have regained ground. This change in circumstances has marked a turn in the relationship between Sofía, Paloma and the royal family, evidencing the volatility of privileges and relationships in royalty.

Final reflection

The story of humiliation and privilege between Sofía, Paloma and the Spanish royal family is a reminder of the complexity of royal relationships. The events that have marked this relationship have left an indelible mark, evidencing the fragility of privileges and the volatility of relationships in this area.

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