Inici » The viral song dedicated to the Korean leader causes a sensation around the world

The viral song dedicated to the Korean leader causes a sensation around the world

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The popularity of the song

The viral song dedicated to the leader of North Korea has caused furore everywhere. Even in neighboring South Korea. In this sense, the country’s media regulator has banned access to the video considered North Korean propaganda and stated that it idolized and glorified leader Kim Jong-un as a “great leader”. The catchy tune titled Friendly Friend has become an unstoppable hit on social media across the world, even on TikTok. South Korea’s national security law blocks access to the North’s websites and media to restrict exposure to reinforcements of the Kim regime for “praising, inciting or propagating” its activities. (

The decision to ban the video

The South Korean regulator, the Korea Communications Standards Commission, issued a statement on Monday stating that the video is typical content linked to psychological warfare against South Korea. The video was posted on a channel operated to connect with the outside world and was mainly focused on unilaterally idolizing and glorifying Kim Jong-un. That decision to ban the video came after intelligence authorities asked for a review to determine whether it broke the law. The song, titled Friendly Friend, is not new and was premiered last month on North Korean state television. It shows soldiers and schoolchildren exuberantly chanting lines such as: “Let’s sing, Kim Jong-un, the great leader” and “we boast of Kim Jong-un, a friendly father.”

The culture of loyalty to leaders

Pyongyang’s state media often show exaggerated displays of loyalty from citizens to their leaders to help them consolidate power and create a cult of personality around them. This practice is common in many countries with similar political systems.

The tension in the nuclear race

According to the state news agency KCNA, North Korea has claimed that a nuclear test carried out by the United States increases the tension in the arms race. The country has promised to take the necessary measures to improve its nuclear deterrence posture. The US Department of Energy reported that its National Nuclear Security Administration conducted a subcritical experiment at its Nevada test facility, with the goal of gathering data to support the reliability and effectiveness of nuclear warheads.

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