Inici » The uncontrolled life of Camilo Blanes, the son of Camilo Sesto

The uncontrolled life of Camilo Blanes, the son of Camilo Sesto


A process of change that worries his mother

Camilo Blanes, the only son of the famous singer Camilo Sesto, has entered into a self-destructive dynamic that seems to have no end. His mother, Lourdes Ornelas, is very distressed because her son does not accept any help, even though he has made decisions that have harmed her. At 40 years old, Camilo Blanes began hormonal treatment and now shares photographs with dresses, wigs and makeup on his Instagram account. The problem is that he looks very neglected, with the house in a mess and his mouth almost without teeth.

Alarming videos on your social network

The last video he published has caused more concern, since his legs are seen full of blood and wounds. To the sound of an old song, she is seen wearing a very short black suit, huge circles under her eyes and a cigarette in her hand. In the background, you can see the great mess in her living room, with boxes and a lot of dirt everywhere.

Many of his followers have asked him what happened to him, since they do not like to see so many bumps and bruises on his legs. He, however, preferred not to respond and continued dancing with a smile that indicates that something is not right.

What’s wrong with Camilo Blanes? Worrying videos on his Instagram

Shortly after, he showed another video in which he is seen almost naked with a large hat and a bottle of alcohol in his hand. In recent years, the young man has suffered from several addictions that it is clear that he has not yet overcome. His mother has regretted that he has surrounded himself with bad influences, which have not contributed to his recovery.

An uncertain and dangerous future

At the moment, it seems that he has not started any process to improve and, apparently, he is not at all aware of the problem he has. He remains indifferent and appears happy in the bad life in which he is immersed and which can have serious consequences.

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