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A Great Chess Initiative in the Catalan League

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Hobby in Growth in Solsona

With the increase in interest in chess in Solsona, two sets have been organized this season.

The Elephant A: Focus on Second Provincial

The main team, L’Elefant A, will compete in Segona Provincial de Lleida against Alcoletge, Bellcaire, Guissona, Mollerussa -with two subdivisions-, and the club of the Penitentiary Center of Ponent.

The Elephant B: Youth at the Tercera Provincial Front

The young team, L’Elefant B, will compete in Tercera Provincial de Lleida facing young teams from localities such as Almenar, Andorra, Balaguer, Lleida (Flanc de dama), Mollerussa -with two subdivisions-, Tàrrega and Vallfogona de Balaguer .

Both categories are odd-numbered, guaranteeing rest days for all teams. The first round of rest went to Elefant B.

Results of the First Round

Elefant A faced Mollerussa C, a strong opponent with 76 players, more than half underage. The victory was achieved with a brilliant line-up:

Outstanding Solson line

Joan Tordesillas, Lluís Massana, Francesc Cercós, Joan Manel Manzano, Ricard Tusell and Jaume Guixà.

The games had interesting developments, highlighting the success of Massana in a close game and the victory of Guixà, who knew how to maintain a good position.

In summary, a debut with a positive result, 4-2 victory.

Upcoming Travels

Next week, Elephant A will visit Alcoletge while Elephant B will head to Almenar. We wish luck to both teams.

Chess Council of the World Champion

To finish, continuing with the theme of horses, we remember the words of the world champion Emanuel Lasker: “I have added these principles to the law: put the horses into action before the two bishops are developed.”

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