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SuperCampus: The new educational platform for children and teenagers


A new educational platform

The educational platform of 3Cat and the Department of Education was launched this Thursday under the name of SuperCampus. This digital tool offers a wide range of educational content in Catalan, closely linked to the school curriculum. Its aim is to bring children and teenagers closer to different areas of knowledge, such as mathematics, the history of Catalonia, art and climate change. In addition, it allows users to search by topic and by educational stage, thus facilitating access to the desired information.

Resources for teachers and families

SuperCampus is not only intended for children and teenagers, but also offers resources for teachers. These can use the platform to search for videos that complement learning situations in the classroom. In addition, SuperCampus also serves as a home study support, offering educational materials for families. This makes the platform a complete and versatile tool for all agents involved in education.

Available contents and future phases

In this first phase, SuperCampus already has more than 450 contents available. These include 70 newly produced videos, 125 podcast episodes and over 250 videos of pre-existing content. All these materials have been reviewed and categorized by active teachers, thus ensuring their quality and adequacy to the school curriculum. In addition, the videos are three to five minutes long to make learning more enjoyable and dynamic.

From September, it is planned that a second phase of SuperCampus will begin, in which materials from other subjects will be incorporated. This will further expand the educational offer of the platform and make it an even more complete tool for learning.

A project with institutional support

The launch of SuperCampus has had the support of 3Cat, the Department of Education and other institutions. The presentation of the platform took place at the Can Fabra school in Barcelona, ​​with the presence of the Minister of Education, Anna Simó, the vice-president, Laura Vilagrà, and the president of the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media (CCMA), Rosa Romà.

SuperCampus is an initiative that seeks to bring education closer to children and teenagers in an innovative way adapted to current times. With a wide range of educational content in Catalan, the platform becomes an essential tool for the learning and development of young people.

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