Inici » Tierra de Barros Irrigation Initiative: Beyond Political Labels

Tierra de Barros Irrigation Initiative: Beyond Political Labels

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A Bet on the Agricultural Future

The Community of Barros Land Irrigators has issued a clear warning to the Government of Extremadura, ensuring that the new irrigation project will not be shelved. In response to the statements of the PP-Vox regional government, the irrigators deny feeling deceived by the previous administration led by Fernández Vara, emphasizing that it left the initiative in a highly advanced state.

Isidro Hurtado, president of the Irrigators’ Community, has stated that to carry out the 15,000 hectares of new irrigation, only political will is required. Disagreeing with the statements of the Extremaduran political and agrarian right, they maintain that the inherited project was really advanced, and they have come a long way in its development.

Commitment to the Professional Development of Farmers

Hurtado highlights the importance of the project for the future of the region in Tierra de Barros. He argues that traditional agriculture faces challenges and supports irrigation as a key to the professional development of farmers. The Community does not seek to participate in political games, but advocates for an investigation to clarify the processing of the project.

Challenges and Emergencies

Uncertainty hangs over irrigators due to the paralysis of the process in Brussels, awaiting approval from the European Union. Work cannot begin in May as planned, causing concern. The Community urges the Board to expedite the process and obtain reports from the EU to overcome possible obstacles.

Both the Presidency of Extremadura and the Ministry of Forest Management and Rural World express their willingness to collaborate. The CCRR is committed to working to resume the project as soon as possible, emphasizing that problems can be resolved with good will.

At Play: Illusions and Economic Stability

Isidro Hurtado highlights that the hope of 1,200 families and the economic stability of farmers are at stake. Climate uncertainty cannot be the determining factor for the harvest. The fight will continue to make irrigation a reality in the 15,000 hectares of the project in Tierra de Barros.

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