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Measures to combat drought and its effects in Catalonia


Approval of the decree law

The Permanent Deputation of Parliament has given the green light this Friday to the decree law that seeks to guarantee investments and aid for a total of 145.2 million euros to combat the drought and its consequences in Catalonia. The parliamentary groups of PSC, ERC, Junts and En comú Podem have voted in favor of the decree, while CUP, Cs and PPC have abstained. On the other hand, the far-right party Vox has voted against.

Measures contemplated in the decree

The decree includes various actions to address the drought. Among them, 30 million euros will be allocated to finance actions that allow water to be contributed to the supply system of internal basins, such as the transportation of water by boats and the use of portable desalination plants. In addition, an allocation of 27.5 million euros is contemplated to expand the Besòs Drinking Water Treatment Station, 18.6 million for the creation of deep wells and improvement of the network, 50.5 million to help the primary sector and another nine million for interventions to prevent forest fires.

Statements from the Climate Action counselor

The Minister of Climate Action, David Mascort, has highlighted the importance of the decree to ensure the planned investments and guarantee the water supply in the coming years. Mascort has described the decree as ‘priority and cannot be postponed’.

Opposition opinions

Although part of the opposition has voted against the decree, they have recognized that the measures are necessary to alleviate the effects of the drought. However, they have also criticized that the aid arrives late.

Emergency actions

The decree also contemplates emergency measures in case the drought reaches critical levels. In that case, a budget item will be allocated to recover stability. Among the measures is the contribution of water resources through the transportation of drinking water by boat and other tools such as portable desalination plants. The Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, has highlighted that there is an initial allocation of 30 million euros, although this figure may vary depending on needs.

Support to the primary sector

The decree also contemplates specific measures to support the primary sector, with calls for aid for a total of 50.5 million euros. This aid will be allocated to the primary sectors affected by the drought. In addition, 9.5 million euros will be allocated to increasing staffing in the department.

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