Inici » Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship: A look at the speculation and controversy

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship: A look at the speculation and controversy

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A marriage under public scrutiny

The relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has been the subject of numerous speculations and controversies, especially in relation to the alleged infidelities that have marked their marriage. Angela Levin’s book ‘Harry: Conversations with the Prince’ has revealed shocking details that shed new light on the stability of their relationship, highlighting a pattern of deception that seems to repeat itself in the Windsor family.

An unexpected romance

According to Levin’s book, Prince Harry reportedly had an affair with British model Sarah Ann Macklin in 2016, when he was already dating Meghan Markle. This fact has surprised many, since Harry was seen as an exception in a family marked by infidelity, such as the infamous love triangle between King Charles III, Lady Di and Camilla Parker Bowles, or the rumors linking Prince William with the aristocrat Rose Hanbury.

A complex relationship

Levin’s account describes how Harry met Macklin at a private party and they quickly became attracted. The relationship between Harry and Macklin was more than just a fling; the prince was impressed by her personality and charm, which matched his own tastes and preferences. Despite rumors about his relationship with Meghan Markle, Harry and Macklin continued to meet on several occasions. However, the relationship ended abruptly when Harry traveled to Africa, and also due to differences in their lifestyles, as Macklin led a very healthy life and did not drink, contrasting with the Prince’s habits.

Meghan Markle and her own infidelities

The revelations about Harry are not the only ones that have shaken the couple. Reports suggest Meghan Markle may have had her own extramarital affairs as well. According to an anonymous source, the Duchess of Sussex has started a forbidden relationship with one of her bodyguards. This romance reportedly triggered a monumental crisis while the couple resided in England, eventually leading them to move to the United States in a desperate attempt to restart their lives and heal their wounds. Additionally, the possibility of an overlap between Meghan’s relationship with chef Cory Vitiello and the start of her romance with Harry has emerged. Angela Levin suggests there is confusion over whether Meghan was completely over Vitiello before becoming involved with Harry, adding further fuel to speculation about loyalty within their marriage.

Infidelity to the British Royal Family

Meghan and Harry’s infidelities reflect a recurring pattern in the British royal family, where cheating seems to be a constant. History is full of examples, from the aforementioned King Charles III love triangle to rumors about Prince William. These cases highlight the difficulties and pressures faced by real-life couples, constantly exposed to public scrutiny and the temptations that come with fame and power. However, the wounds caused by infidelities and subsequent crises could take a long time to heal completely.

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