Inici » The meeting between Camilla Parker Bowles and Rose Hanbury: a look at relationships in British royalty

The meeting between Camilla Parker Bowles and Rose Hanbury: a look at relationships in British royalty

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An unexpected encounter

Last Sunday, May 12, the Badminton Horse Trials were the scene of an unexpected meeting between Rose Hanbury, Prince William’s alleged lover, and Queen Camilla. This event, known for bringing together the best riders in the world, witnessed a scene that quickly attracted the attention of the media. Hanbury, accompanied by Peter Phillips and his two daughters, was seen bowing to Queen Camilla. The presence of British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury also added a touch of interest to the brief interaction.

The inevitable comparison

Rose’s presence at the event has been the reason for multiple comparisons with Queen Camilla herself. This parallel has not gone unnoticed by the British press, which has pointed out the similarities between both stories. The comparison is inevitable: if the rumors about Hanbury and Prince William were true, history would appear to be repeating itself, a generation later, within the Royal Family.

Impact on the press and public opinion

Since 2019, when journalist Dan Wootton first hinted at the alleged infidelity, the relationship between Hanbury and Kate Middleton has been a topic of constant interest. The estrangement between the two, who were once great friends, was attributed by some to a possible love affair. The return of rumors about the relationship between Hanbury and William coincided with the period of convalescence of Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales, who had to face the controversy, revealed in a video that she was fighting cancer, which momentarily diverted the media attention. However, recent public encounters between Hanbury and prominent royal figures, such as Queen Camilla, have brought the issue back into the spotlight.

Media coverage

The British press, always hungry for juicy stories about the royal family, has not missed the opportunity to cover these meetings extensively. Media such as the ‘Daily Mail’ have speculated about the nature of the relationship between Rose Hanbury and royalty, suggesting historical parallels and drawing comparisons. Hanbury’s appearance at public events, wearing outfits similar to those of Kate Middleton, has added fuel to the fire, fueling rumors and conspiracy theories.

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