Inici » The reputation of Queen Letizia and the revelations that have shaken the Royal House

The reputation of Queen Letizia and the revelations that have shaken the Royal House

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An understood image

The figure of Queen Letizia, once admired for her transparency and modernity, has been affected by a series of recent scandals that have cast doubt on her reputation and shaken the foundations of the Royal House. The shocking revelations of Jaime del Burgo, who claims to have had an affair with Letizia while she was already married to Felipe VI, have exposed private aspects of his life, generating controversy and criticism.

Surprising revelations

The controversial statements of the ex-husband of Telma Ortiz coincided with the publication of the book “Letizia and I” by Jaime Peñafiel, in which it was claimed that the queen had faced difficulties in conceiving Princess Leonor and had resorted to fertility treatments. It was revealed that Letizia made frequent trips to Valencia to undergo these treatments, information that the Royal House had kept secret.

A tragic pact

In an interview for the YouTube channel “The secret meeting”, Peñafiel revealed that Letizia used her sister Erika’s eggs to get pregnant. This decision had tragic consequences, as Erika developed a strong maternal instinct, and when Letizia forbade her to see her daughters, she committed suicide. This situation has generated a debate about Letizia’s responsibility in this tragic event.

A hidden past

Several sources have revealed that Letizia had an abortion at the Dator clinic in Madrid, information that she wanted to keep secret to avoid it affecting her wedding to Felipe VI. This abortion caused fertility problems, and was the second Letizia underwent. These revelations have highlighted the personal problems the Queen has had to overcome on her way to motherhood.

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