Inici » A campaign to combat the loneliness of the elderly in the summer

A campaign to combat the loneliness of the elderly in the summer

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The Friends of the Elderly Foundation launches a summer campaign

As every year, the Amics de la Gent Gran Foundation launches a campaign in the summer, a particularly sensitive time for the elderly who suffer from unwanted loneliness. The closure of meeting points, the high temperatures that complicate outdoor activities or the absence of a close environment make loneliness more evident this month.

Activities to relieve loneliness

To mitigate its effects, the Foundation organizes different activities, such as snacks, gatherings or excursions, among others. In addition, the main summer initiative for more than thirty years will be carried out: the Vacances Amigues, three- or four-day stays that allow the elderly in the organization to enjoy the summer thanks to on a vacation away from home. In addition, they will feel the warmth and company of friends, as well as the volunteers who will participate.

The importance of accompaniment during the summer

For a large part of society, summer is a time to make many plans, most of them in company. But for thousands of older people, summer is a hard time, where loneliness is accentuated and memories of moments lived in the past come back to mind. For this reason, all these people need to feel accompanied.

Collaborate for a summer in company

To make the “For a summer in company” campaign possible, the Friendly Holidays and the socialization activities, they call on the public to collaborate with donations, which will make possible the fight against the loneliness of elderly people at risk of exclusion. The final goal is to exceed 60,000 euros, a figure that would cover a large part of the expenses of the entire summer campaign.

A summer in company for older people

From Amics de la Gent Gran they want this summer thousands of elderly people to be able to spend a summer in company. Thanks to the work of nearly 2,800 volunteers, the Foundation will be able to organize summer activities so that more than 2,700 elderly people can enjoy spaces and moments of socialization that will help them alleviate the feeling of unwanted loneliness.

Main actions of the summer campaign

The main actions of the summer campaign will be:

Sant Joan snacks

In this month of June, snacks are scheduled in different municipalities of Catalonia to celebrate Sant Joan in company.

Friendly Holidays

During the month of July, five shifts will be organized in Calaf, in which nearly 135 elderly people and around 70 volunteers will participate. A tour will be held in Valencia and day trips will be made to Madrid, Zaragoza and Seville.

Organization of activities

During the summer months, they will promote the organization of activities that will allow elderly people from various municipalities to enjoy company, leisure, culture and traditions again: boat trips, cultural visits, group walks and meetings several that will fill this summer with memorable moments.

For more information, visit the following link: [For a summer in company](

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