Inici » Casa Roca: A Traditional Gastronomic Experience in the Barcedana Valley

Casa Roca: A Traditional Gastronomic Experience in the Barcedana Valley

una casa al mig d'una vall verda amb muntanyes al fons i un camp verd en primer pla, Coppo di Marcovaldo, paisatge, pintura mat, romànic

An Unknown Corner in the Lleidatà Pyrenees

Located on the north face of Montsec, near the Tremp basin, the Barcedana valley hides Casa Roca, a rural tourism and traditional gastronomy house that offers accommodation and meals to visitors. With a century-old history, this 15th-century house keeps alive the tradition of past generations with excellent quality and a welcoming, close and familiar treatment.

Authentically Homemade Gastronomy

Casa Roca offers a lunch menu in the dining room of the owners’ house, with authentic home-made dishes made with top quality products, many of them from their garden and fruit trees. Visitors can enjoy an immersive experience that is more reminiscent of eating at a neighbor’s house than in a conventional restaurant.

Tradition and Proximity

The house preserves a small oil and a large wine trullo, witnesses of the agricultural tradition of the territory. Although these tools have become relics due to technological innovations, Casa Roca continues to prioritize local produce in its dishes, with recipes made with products from its garden and fruit trees, offering an authentic culinary experience and season

The Emblematic Fire of Rogle

One of the most outstanding elements of Casa Roca is the log fire that presides over the room, a unique element in the Pyrenees that adds a special touch to the atmosphere. This fire, used for heating and cooking, is a distinctive feature of the space.

An Excellent Meal

Casa Roca’s menu offers an exceptional gastronomic experience, with dishes such as escudella with ball, pork cheek with onion and currant, and yogurt with preserves from the Casa Roca forest, all made with own products and served with the warmth of tradition and proximity.

A Family at the Top

Josep Maria, Mònica and their three children are in charge of keeping tradition and home cooking alive at Casa Roca, located in Sant Martí de Barcedana, a town of 12 inhabitants where tradition, proximity and home cooking are the its symbol of identity.

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