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Discover new gastronomic options on your summer vacation

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The pleasure of discovering new flavors

The second week of June arrives and many people begin to enter vacation mode little by little. Many already have the destination selected to disconnect for a few days and discover new places, cultures and, of course, **gastronomy**. If you are a cheese lover, you are in luck. In this article, we will present you a selection of cheeses and cheese shops that you can visit in some European countries this summer. Get ready to delight your palate with unique and delicious flavors!

Catalonia: a cheese paradise

If you decide to stay in Catalonia, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a **great variety** of cheeses. From the north to the south, you will find cheese shops spread throughout the country. You just need to search the internet and you will discover many options to visit. In addition, you will be able to get up close and personal with Catalan livestock and livestock, a perfect experience to share with the little ones in the house.

Exploring other European destinations

If you are willing to travel a little further, in the Spanish State you will find excellent options such as the Canary Islands, Galicia or the Basque Country. But if you want to go further, Europe has three or four countries that are true cheese paradises. **France** is our first choice, since each region has its own cheese. From washed-rind cheeses in the north, to Provence, Normandy and Alpine cheeses, you’ll find a wide variety of flavors and textures.

The second option is **Italy**, a country known for its rich cheesemaking tradition. Here you can enjoy cheeses such as burrata, mozzarella, taleggio, parmesan and pecorinos, which are found in all parts of the country. If you venture to **England**, you will discover a lot of interesting cheese shops in the London capital. And last but not least, we have **Switzerland**, where you can visit cheese factories high in the mountains and enjoy the best Alpine cheeses.


If you are passionate about cheese, you cannot miss the opportunity to discover new flavors on your summer vacation. Catalonia and other European destinations offer you a wide variety of cheeses and dairies to explore. So get ready to enjoy a unique and delicious dining experience. Have a good trip and bon appetit!

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