Inici » Discovering authentic Catalan cuisine in the heart of Barcelona

Discovering authentic Catalan cuisine in the heart of Barcelona

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A unique gastronomic experience in the Eixample

In the Eixample district, there is a culinary gem that stands out for its authenticity and quality: the Tastem restaurant. Unlike many establishments that attract primarily tourists, Tastem prides itself on offering a genuine experience of traditional Catalan cuisine with Mediterranean touches.

A tribute to traditional cuisine

The Tastem restaurant is a true tribute to the traditional cuisine of Catalonia. With the culinary direction of Jordi Anglí and the vision of Aleix Reig, Tastem has managed to stand out as a benchmark for authentic Catalan gastronomy. Since its opening in February 2016, this establishment has maintained its commitment to traditional cuisine, offering dishes that reflect the culinary essence of the region.

Quality and variety in each dish

The Tastem’s gastronomic proposal is distinguished by its quality and variety. With competitive prices, the restaurant offers a short but diverse menu, highlighting dishes such as the surprising patatas bravas, coca de cristal toasted with tomato, and black cod fritters with aioli. Additionally, the ingredients used, such as home-raised meats and locally sourced vegetables, reflect a commitment to sustainability and proximity.

An experience for all the senses

El Tastem offers a complete gastronomic experience, from its starters to desserts. With dishes ranging from Oliana lamb shoulder to fish suquet with squid, the restaurant captivates its diners with authentic flavors and exquisite presentations. Additionally, the variety of menus, including group options and special menus, demonstrate Tastem’s versatility and commitment to its customers.

A cozy and authentic atmosphere

With capacity for 100 diners, the Tastem is a venue that attracts a wide variety of people, from retired couples to groups of friends. The cozy atmosphere and personalized attention, led by waiter Nacho, make each visit to Tastem a memorable experience. Additionally, the absence of an overwhelming tourist presence allows visitors to enjoy the authenticity of Catalan cuisine at its finest.

A culinary proposal that lasts over time

El Tastem has managed to establish itself as a benchmark in Barcelona’s gastronomic scene, maintaining its commitment to traditional cuisine and the satisfaction of its customers. With a gastronomic offer that stands out for its authenticity, quality and variety, this restaurant continues to delight lovers of Catalan cuisine, ensuring that its culinary legacy endures over time.

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