Inici » Football Scandal: Trial Proposed for an Unexpected Kiss

Football Scandal: Trial Proposed for an Unexpected Kiss

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The National Court Decides to Judge Luis Rubiales for Kissing Jennifer Hermoso

In an unexpected interlocutory hearing, the judge of the National Court, Francisco de Jorge, has decided to propose the trial of the former president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, for the controversial non-consented kiss to the renowned soccer player Jennifer Hermoso after the final of the world cup.

Possible Culprits and Pressures: A Bifronted Group of Outstanding Figures

In addition to Rubiales, other key figures in the world of football will be involved in this trial. The sporting director of the Spanish men’s national team, Albert Luque, the former coach Jorge Vilda and the former head of marketing Rubén Rivera, all of whom are singled out by the judge for the pressures they subjected Hermoso to in an attempt to manipulate his public opinion about the kiss .

The Judge Concludes: Kiss ‘Not Consented’ and Sufficient Evidence

According to the interlocutory order, the judge concludes that the kiss “was not consented to” and that it was a “unilateral and surprise initiative” by Rubiales. It is left pending for the trial to determine the legal consequences of Rubiales’ state of euphoria or the erotic purpose or not of the kiss. Even so, the judge assures that there are ‘sufficient indications’ of a possible crime and that Hermoso’s accusation remains robust.

Pressures and Unease: The Post-Kiss Crisis by Jennifer Hermoso

The pressure exerted by the others involved caused Hermoso a situation of anxiety and intense stress. This anxiety grew as the hours and days passed, developing a sense of having been offended. The attempts of Rubiales, Vilda, Rivera and Luque to change the narrative of the kiss left a negative mark on the footballer’s psyche.

Judicial Outcome: Opening of Trial or Filing in Ten Days

With the investigation closed, the Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecution now have ten days to decide whether to request the opening of a trial or the filing of the case. The judicial future of Rubiales and the others involved remains in suspense until this decision is made.

In short, this football scandal continues to generate anticipation and hint at the tensions and consequences of a kiss that should never have happened.

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