Inici » Italian Gastronomy in Barcelona: Discover the Secrets of Authentic Italian Flavors

Italian Gastronomy in Barcelona: Discover the Secrets of Authentic Italian Flavors

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A Gourmet Experience in Barcelona

Italian gastronomy, despite its popularity, offers a unique culinary experience in Barcelona. While ‘Italian’ restaurants are common, finding authentic Italian home cooking is quite a challenge. The true secrets of Italian flavors are to be found in the city’s gourmet restaurants, where Italians prepare dishes with top quality products, transporting diners to genuine Italy.

Capú: A Piece of Italy in Sant Gervasi

Located on Carrer d’Atenes in Sant Gervasi, the Capú restaurant is a benchmark for lovers of authentic Italian pasta in Barcelona. With a quiet location near the upper part of the city, this small and cozy place offers first-class gastronomy. With a simple and elegant decoration, the Capú restaurant captivates diners with its authenticity and authentic Italian character.

Delights of Italian Cuisine

Capú’s culinary offer is varied, offering everything from pasta star dishes to risottos, meats and fish. Although the portions are not generous, the quality of the dishes amply compensates. The service, despite being a little messy, does not prevent you from enjoying the authentic Italian flavors. Particularly noteworthy are the carbonara, creamy and with a spicy point, and other dishes such as the aubergine parmigiana. Desserts, such as tiramisu, are a real pleasure for the palate.

The Art of Italian Cooking

In the Capú kitchen, Gennaro di Fiore prepares classic dishes with top quality Italian products, from pasta to vegetables and sauces. His culinary skill makes Capú’s carbonara the most authentic in the city, with a crispy guanciale and a spicy kick of black pepper. Other dishes such as stuffed pasta or aubergine parmigiana also stand out for their excellence. Desserts, such as tiramisu, transport diners straight to Italy.

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