Inici » Musical Tourism: A Growing Trend for Music Lovers

Musical Tourism: A Growing Trend for Music Lovers

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The Charm of Musical Tourism

The trip is not only about exploring new destinations, seeing monuments or enjoying local cuisine. It is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique experience of attending concerts and music festivals. Music tourism, also known as Gig tripping, has emerged as one of the most prominent trends in the field of travel, according to the renowned online booking portal Skyscanner.

The Attraction of Concerts and Festivals

Skyscanner’s latest Travel Trends report reveals that a significant portion of Spanish travelers would be willing to take both short and long-haul flights to see their favorite artists live. In fact, 42% of Spaniards plan to attend a concert or festival in 2024, a figure that rises to 58% among young people aged 18 to 24.

Emblematic Destinations for Musical Tourism


Once a refuge for hippie culture, today it offers a vibrant music scene with impressive nightclubs, seaside parties and shows on Benirrás beach.

Northern England

The Warehouse Project in Manchester and the Northern Quarter in Leeds are epicenters of big nightclub energy and cozy pubs hosting emerging artists.

San Francisco

This city is home to everything from classic establishments to intimate venues, offering a wide range of musical experiences for travelers who love live music.


Primavera Sound and Sónar attract tourists from all over the world to enjoy renowned festivals and a fusion of electronic music, creativity and technology.


Known as the music capital of America, Nashville offers a rich musical diversity ranging from country and bluegrass to jazz and blues, with numerous venues offering free live music all day long.

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