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The art of enjoying tea: tips to preserve its freshness and flavor

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The mystery of tea freshness

In many kitchens, it is common to find a space reserved for products that are not used frequently, such as popcorn, cookies or tea bags. However, what happens if the day you want to enjoy an infusion, the sachet you select is expired? The consequences of consuming expired tea may surprise you.

Unlike perishable foods, tea does not expire in the traditional sense. Although it has an expiration date, this does not indicate that the product will spoil. In reality, this date marks the time in which the tea begins to lose its taste and aromatic qualities, not its safety for consumption.

Conservation and enjoyment

The freshness of tea is closely linked to its conservation. Making an infusion with recently purchased or harvested herbs is a completely different experience than making it with a sachet that has been sitting in a cupboard for years. Just like the difference between a fresh vegetable and a packaged one, the quality of tea can vary significantly.

When consuming expired tea, the only consequence is the possible loss of flavor and aroma in the infusion. The intensity of this effect will depend on the variety of tea, its storage time and storage conditions.

Tea varieties and their characteristics

There are several varieties of tea, each with its own characteristics and health benefits:

green tea

With diuretic properties and abundant antioxidants, green tea offers a light, herbaceous flavor.

black tea

With an intense flavor, black tea is a popular option to replace coffee, ideal for the mornings.

red tea

With an earthy flavor, red tea is a derivative of green tea, known for its serendipitous discovery.

white tea

White tea, made with a unique process, is light and has high levels of antioxidants.

blue tea

Halfway between green and black tea, blue tea stands out for its digestive properties.

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