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The oldest wine in Seville

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An archaeological discovery in Carmona

A team of researchers from the University of Córdoba (UCO) has made an archaeological discovery in the town of Carmona, in Seville. They have found a funerary container containing a reddish liquid, which after a thorough chemical analysis, has been determined to be white wine more than two thousand years old. This discovery is exceptional and surpasses the previous record of the Espira bottle, which until now was considered the oldest archaeological find of wine in the world (

The Roman mausoleum of Carmona

The oldest wine in the world has been found in a Roman mausoleum discovered in 2019 in Carmona, a town in Seville. This mausoleum is the place where the funeral urn containing the white wine more than two thousand years old was found. This finding has surprised archaeologists, as it was initially thought that the urns contained bones, but they would never have imagined that there could be liquid (

The difficulty of determining the type of liquid

Determining with accuracy the type of liquid found in a container from the Roman era that is more than two thousand years old is practically impossible. However, the researchers have very reliable indications that it is a white wine. Chemical analysis has revealed that there is no acid from anthocyanin, which is present in red wines. Although there is no absolute certainty, experts have some confidence in this conclusion (

A discovery that allows us to know the past

This discovery of the world’s oldest wine allows us to gain valuable information about the past. It helps us understand the winemaking techniques used more than two thousand years ago and gives us an insight into the culture and practices of Roman times. It is a witness to history that allows us to connect with our ancestors and better understand the world we live in today (

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