Inici » The Pets and The Ludwig Band will perform in London

The Pets and The Ludwig Band will perform in London

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The music promoter Bona Gents organizes the concert

Next Friday, November 29, the Pets and The Ludwig Band will offer a concert in London. The event will be organized by the Catalan-English music promoter Bona Gents, which has already brought other Catalan acts to the English capital in the past. On this occasion, the promoter has created a promotional video inspired by the world of James Bond, with the participation of cartoonist Pilarín Bayés, who plays the role of M, Lluís Gavaldà, who embodies the character of Bond, and the members of the Ludwig Band, who act as special agents.

Sponsors and support

The concert by Els Pets and La Ludwig Band has the sponsorship of Estrella Damm UK and the support of the Catalan-English home Catalans UK. In addition, part of the profits from the event will go to the Catalan School of London.

The trajectory of Bona Gents

Bona Gents is a Catalan-English music promoter founded by Oriol Vidal and Benet Aragay. After the successes of the previous Catalan performances in London, the promoter has decided to organize this concert with Els Pets and La Ludwig Band. Bona Gents was born with the aim of dynamizing and bringing Catalan musical culture closer to the United Kingdom. Before the covid-19 pandemic, there was another entity, Roxy in Subtitles, which brought emerging artists from Catalonia and Spain to London, but it disappeared. Vidal and Aragay decided to take over this organization to give opportunities to Catalan musicians.

Celebration of 40 years of Els Pets

This concert comes shortly after Els Pets announced a big party for 2025 on the occasion of their 40th anniversary. The group will celebrate its 40 years on stage with a series of concerts in which they will perform four of their best-known albums in their entirety: Calla i balla (1991), Bon dia (1997), August (2004) and Som (2018). The concerts will take place at the Girona Auditorium next February 1 and 2, and more dates will be announced soon.

Els Pets: a benchmark in Catalan pop-rock music

Els Pets is a Catalan rock and pop rock group originally from the town of Constantí, in Tarragona. The group is formed by Lluís Gavaldà on vocals and guitar, Joan Reig on drums and Falin Cáceres on bass. With almost four decades of history, Els Pets are considered one of the great references of Catalan pop-rock music. They’ve evolved from irreverent and festive rock to pop auteur pop with lyrics of high literary quality. Currently, the group has three other musicians: Joan-Pau Chaves on keyboards, Jordi Bastida on guitar and Marcel Cavallé on guitar.

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