Inici » The relationship between Felipe and Juan Carlos: a radical change

The relationship between Felipe and Juan Carlos: a radical change

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A 180 degree turn

Since 2019, no photographs of Leonor with Juan Carlos have been seen. Although Letizia and Felipe separated the Borbón due to the actions of the emeritus and the Nóos case, the emeritus continued to attend events related to their granddaughters. However, in August 2020 everything changed for the former monarch in relation to the future queen. He was exiled to the United Arab Emirates, which was a disgrace and humiliation for a monarch. Since then, he has returned to Spain on several occasions, with increasing frequency, and without asking his son’s permission. Despite this, photographs of the emeritus with his two granddaughters have been avoided. Even on October 31, when Leonor celebrated her coming of age in ‘El Pardo’, Juan Carlos could not be present, something he deeply wanted.

Little relationship with his grandfather

Leonor has a distant relationship with her grandfather. She has not gone to visit him in the United Arab Emirates and in Spain they have met on a few occasions. Although she has gone several times to Zaragoza, where she is studying her military training, she has not been allowed access to the military center. Letizia gave the order that her father-in-law not see the princess in public, thus avoiding any photographs of them together.

Protecting Eleanor’s reign

The objective is to protect Leonor’s reign from the image projected by Juan Carlos. She will be the future queen of Spain and it is intended that she has no relationship with the Borbón surname. Leonor represents a new era in the Spanish monarchy, while her parents are still in the background.

The delivery of the Army ensign’s office

Leonor is growing up and is already of age. She carries out institutional acts completely alone, as is happening this Tuesday morning. The princess has three unavoidable commitments in Zaragoza. On this occasion, she will not have the visit and support of her parents or her grandparents, Queen Sofía and Juan Carlos, who cannot publicly support her granddaughter, although they feel very proud of her.

A new chapter

Next July 15 will be another important day for Leonor. After completing her first year of military training with the Army, she will receive the position of Army Ensign at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, thus marking the end of the first part of her studies. Before the family vacation, she will receive a visit from Felipe, Letizia and possibly also from Infanta Sofía. With this, she will say goodbye to her colleagues in Zaragoza to begin a new adventure in Pontevedra with the Marín Naval Academy.

The absence of Juan Carlos

Although Juan Carlos wanted to be present at the delivery of the Army ensign’s office, Casa Real has denied his presence once again. He is not expected to attend the event, which is another blow the crown has dealt to the emeritus.

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