Inici » Torito’s adventures at university: a funny and moving story

Torito’s adventures at university: a funny and moving story

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Torito’s peculiar incident before an exam

Several years have passed since Torito took the university entrance exams, but he still vividly remembers the unfortunate incident that took place before one of the exams. While the rest of the students had already submitted their answers, Torito was forced to request additional time due to an unusual setback.

Before the exam started, he was trapped in the bathroom for fifteen minutes due to a problem with the door latch. This mishap prevented him from starting the exam at the same time as his classmates, which caused him to worry about his performance.

Fortunately, the examiners showed understanding and gave him the extra time needed to answer the questions. This situation, although unusual, did not prevent Torito from completing the exam, thus avoiding the possibility of being excluded from the university.

The humorous impact on the La Sexta program

Torito’s anecdote has generated laughter among the commentators on the La Sexta program. The presenter, Dani Mateo, initially doubted the veracity of the story, which led Torito to jokingly reaffirm its authenticity.

Torito’s funny narration about his experience in contrast to the images of crowds cheering on students in China during the selectivity test, highlighted the uniqueness of his experience compared to the support that others receive in similar situations.

Personal revelations and additional anecdotes

During the program, intimate details of Torito’s life were revealed, including the lack of emotional support before the exam. In addition, unexpected confessions occurred, generating a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

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